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Robbie Williams no longer has a home

Robbie Williams no longer has a home

Robbie Williams claimed that he and his family “don’t live anywhere” after selling all of their property.

The British singer sold his home in Wiltshire for more than £7 million in January, and last week it was reported that he had sold his Los Angeles mansion to rapper Drake for £44 million.

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Star Let me entertain you She is currently preparing to shoot her autobiography in Melbourne, Australia, and has appeared on Aussie Kyle and Jackie Oh ShawDuring which he revealed that he and his wife, Aida Field, are trying to find a place to settle down with their four children.

However, they must first determine whether or not the children will be homeschooled.

“Actually, we are nowhere,” he explained. We don’t have a home at the moment, we’ve sold almost everything, we don’t live anywhere and we’re trying to find a solution. The four kids are always a puzzle that we’re trying to solve because if they go to school, they won’t see me because I move around a lot, and if they’re homeschooling, it creates other problems…we all try to find a solution.”

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Separately, Robbie Williams declined to confirm whether Drake actually bought his luxury Los Angeles property, because he signed a nondisclosure agreement and “would be in trouble” if he disclosed anything.

About filming his autobiography, titled one of his songs, better manDirected by Michael Grassi and in which he will play himself, Robbie Williams, 48, commented with humor: “The film conjures up the tough moments before I lost my testosterone,” he said.

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