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This project has been renovated and the pleasure of Marina Orsini

This project has been renovated and the pleasure of Marina Orsini

There will be changes in the kitchen in the timeslot for Ricardo, who will be giving away his tools to a colleague who will host a new show in the fall (Details here), but ICI Télé still holds other safe bets in its morning, weekday, schedules for the 2023-2024 season.

On Wednesday morning, Marina Orsini announced her daily meeting 5 cooks in my kitchen (Which we loved from the start, in the fall of 2020) will return to the air at the beginning of the school year for the fourth season.

The actress and host posted a short video to her social networks, where she shared the good news, and her face lit up with her big infectious smile. See the excerpt at the bottom of the article.

I just wanted to tell you that we just had some very, very, very good news: If I told you “5 chefs in my kitchen”…? Many of you are listening to us! Well, we announce that we’ll be back for a fourth season this fall! you all! Thanks Radio Canada! Marina said visibly happy.

Remember, Marina Orsini devoted a little more to her love of good food last year By launching a book that is very meaningful to her. Recently, the artist also captivated Working on writing and development projects behind the camera, notably in the company of good friend, director Brigitte Couture, who directed her on the influential series. Another story. Could Marina Orsini sign a TV job one day? He follows…

on the side of enthusiasm, This popular cooking show is also guaranteed a sequel at the start of the school year.

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