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Jean-Thomas Jobin gets angry at a Survivor Quebec critic

Jean-Thomas Jobin was an integral part of the production Quebec survivor. He was present in the Philippines with the team as an advisor, in particular.

Over the past few weeks, comments from fans of the show on social networks have been rather violent, and it so happened that Jean-Thomas Jobin intervened to bring some detractors to order.

One was quite adamant on Twitter, tagging the comedian multiple times under the posts.

A comment below from the person concerned encouraged Jean-Thomas Jobin to respond with a long message.

I find it very funny that mr. JT Jobin is arguing online with people who have opinions about the #survivorquebecprodjinc participants. If you can no longer comment on a reality show without being banned by the people who make it, it gets ridiculous…. »

The comedian answers, among other things, to this:

You are not criticizing the show, you are telling prejudiced lies about human beings. Do you see the difference? Yes Survivor is a game but humans play it. Whether you love or hate JJ. He’s still human, with flaws and challenges, like all of us, and me first. And he is trying to get into a very complex social game. You have no idea how difficult and emotionally taxing this type of game can be. And still there. Could his social game also have a minimum level of merit without speculating about how the players who live with him feel? You call him a bully twice.

In general, why does it concern me, if you are interested: I know that there are players and their families who are currently struggling with their viewing experience because many of the commentators are so malicious and without nuance. »

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Read his full post below.

Note that JJ himself reacted on social networks to the derogatory comments about him that circulated on the web. See it all here.

We take this opportunity to encourage everyone to be more accurate and respectful in conveying their opinions, whatever they may be, on this subject.