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Genevieve Cotet (pictured right) is the second Quebec in two years to be a finalist for Canada’s Got Talent, after Genek Fournier, who won the competition last year. Photo: Facebook/Genevieve Côté

Genevieve Cotet can imitate around 350 different sounds and she knows how to make a big noise… literally! after getting golden bell During the auditions, Lavalloise again managed to impress the judges of the show Canada’s Got Talent With her vocal looks, she thus passes into the final of the televised competition. “This adventure is huge!” she says into Patrick Maspurian’s microphone. She tells him where her talent as a mimic comes from.

Genevieve Cotet confirms during the interview that she tried her luck on the show voice before signing up for Canada’s Got Talentwhere she can also sing, but it was not retained in the production.

In life, when you knock on a door and it doesn’t open, it’s probably the wrong door. With perseverance, he will eventually open the right door. »

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Genevieve Cotet, finalist on Canada’s Got Talent

This is the introduction video (in English) of Genevieve Cotet at the show Canada’s Got TalentIncluding his semi-final performance. The final will be televised live on May 16, on Citytv.