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This Dune 2 actress refuses to work with this actor again after bursting into tears: She says he's not Tom Cruise

This Dune 2 actress refuses to work with this actor again after bursting into tears: She says he's not Tom Cruise

Culture News This Dune 2 actress refuses to work with this actor again after bursting into tears: She says he's not Tom Cruise

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During the promotion of Dune 2, one of the actresses in the film revealed that she had worked with a particularly toxic actor. Since then she has refused to work with him again. Put away your pitchforks, this isn't about Tom Cruise.

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The Dune 2 actress does not hesitate to condemn the behavior of a colleague

The second act of the saga is highly anticipated by all science fiction fans Sand dunes It was finally released in cinemas yesterday. After a long period of patience and after a few weeks of press premieres, the time has finally come for viewers to discover the continuation of Paul Atreides' adventures. As with every film made with such a big budget, Obviously, the release of Dune 2 is accompanied by a full promotional campaign During which the actors and actresses tour the set to talk about the film or their careers. Among them is the actress Rebecca Ferguson Which has been in the news for days. In fact, although she has played with a large number of famous actors throughout her career, The character who plays Lady Jessica in Denis Villeneuve's film recently revealed on the Reign With Josh Smith podcast that she remembers a particularly harrowing experience with a very specific actor.

About a third of the interview (at 7:20 to be exact), Rebecca Ferguson admits she has already worked with “Completely stupid actor“In his career he was yelled at because he couldn't play properly. Then he would say things to her like,You call yourself an actress, and that's what I'm supposed to play“In front of the entire film crew. And still according to her, This actor was particularly influential at the time of the filming in questionWhich prevented him from being defended by the rest of the studio. a result : The actress burst into tears as she ended her daysSo you can find the courage to face it andAsking him to leave the filming site. Then I preferred to play.”In front of a tennis ball“Just in front of him, and I don't want to see him anymore.

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Of course, the producers then stepped in to tell Rebecca Ferguson that she couldn't say that to an actor like that, and that it was imperative that he continue to make the movie they were making anyway. However, the actress remained calm and asked him to turn his back to her during every dialogue so that she would not see him during the shooting (which is possible for every shot/reverse shot of the film). Although it was painful for the actress, Ferguson remembers the experience as one of the first moments she was able to make her voice heard in the face of a completely unfair situation.

A few names on the suspect list

It is clear, even if Rebecca Ferguson did not want to reveal the name of the actor in questionIt didn't take long before several people were donning their FBI hats to lead the investigation. It must be said that she worked with a lot of famous actors during her career, whose names are still very influential today and can fit well with the description of the events. Among them we note, for example Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Fassbender, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Grant, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ewan McGregor, Oscar Isaac or even Ryan Reynolds.

Because yes, even if we use the masculine in this article, The actress is careful not to reveal the gender of the person in question We always use the term “human being” to refer to him. And of all the names we just mentioned, Rebecca Ferguson herself has since wanted to remove two of themShe confirmed in this same interview that it is neither Tom Cruise nor Hugh Jackman. from their side, Dwayne Johnson And Emily Blunt They both spoke to confirm their support and friendship for the actress quickly after this interview was published, the first by responding directly to Twitter The second is across daily Mail. In short, it is of course impossible to know for sure who Rebecca Ferguson was talking about during her interview, but no doubt everyone will have their own theory.

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