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These celebrities who flaunt their gray hair

These celebrities who flaunt their gray hair

Andie MacDowell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lisa LaFlamme, and now Jennifer Aniston: the female characters who show off their gray hair have been lauded for daring to go natural.

In a recent Instagram video, Jennifer Aniston is promoting the treatment from her hair product line. Her high hairdo, however, reveals her gray hair, which causes her to react.

“Bravo for letting the gray through – refreshing,” a netizen wrote below the star’s post. “Very nice to see. And she’s clearly still gorgeous,” one woman replies. Another fan adds: “I hope she stays natural — it’s just sexier.”

The pressure to look young

The pressure on women in public office to dye their gray hair to look younger is real. The fact that Jennifer Aniston is being congratulated for daring to be natural proves it.

Here in Quebec, the new president of the Union of Artists, Tania Contoianni, cut her long dark hair last November for a role in the play. Virus and prey. When this show’s run is over, the actress thinks she’ll keep this super short hairstyle to reveal her gray hair.

I think “audacity” is the right word, she explains in an interview with register. There is something rebellious about it. Young people are more popular in our profession, and everything pushes us towards this aspect. So it takes a real resistance to give yourself the freedom to present yourself naturally and to feel that you are opposing a kind of dictatorship of youth and beauty.

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Tania Kontoianni has received a lot of positive comments about her new face. Many of the actresses’ friends praised his bravery, though others “felt more uncomfortable”.

The 56-year-old — who calls actress Dominique Petain a model, and who proudly wears white locks — made sure to get a wig made from her long, old brown hair. In the event that he is asked to appear in his old look at auditions for TV roles, which has not happened yet.

Actress Masha Grenon, whom we saw in the series honorees, She also has a bob that shows off her gray and white hair.


Last month, American actress Andie MacDowell caused a stir on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival with her silver cape. The 63-year-old actress spoke about the power of the gesture in an interview with the magazine Vogue magazine.

“My clients said to me, ‘Now is not the time. ‘ I said, ‘I think you’re wrong,’ and I was right, because I’ve never felt so powerful. I feel like I can’t pretend anymore.”

“I don’t want people to expect me to look younger so that I can be valuable or beautiful or desirable. We don’t do that to men! We love the older man. We love the older men. I wish I had the same expectations for women.” , and we’re getting there…in baby steps,” adds the beloved movie star. Four weddings and a funeral.

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There is still a long way to go

It’s hard not to compare to Lisa’s story when it comes to standing up and celebrating natural women.

The Canadian journalist and CTV News presenter made headlines and garnered praise from women across the country when she decided to stop being dark in 2020. Until her sudden and controversial firing in August 2022, after 35 years in the business.

We learned, that same week, that her hair color had been mentioned by CTV News head Michael Melling.