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to see |  Unanimous applause for Britain's Got Talent: A Quebec native dazzles the judges in England

to see | Unanimous applause for Britain's Got Talent: A Quebec native dazzles the judges in England

The Laval resident left the four judges speechless during her appearance on Britain's Got Talent on Sunday, when she received a standing ovation from the packed house for her impressive imitation from the other side of the ocean.

“Honestly, it was incredibly good. Your voice is sexy. Everything about it was perfect.” […] “It was really something special,” said judge Simon Cowell, known for his surprising honesty, who was completely blown away by Genevieve Côté's voice.

The Quebecer earned four instant “yes” from British judges after her performance in London on Sunday, in which the comedian and noisemaker recreated a jungle setting and the soundtrack of a documentary, on images scrolled behind her.

With the power of her voice, the woman captivated the audience, and sparked strong reactions of admiration from the audience, who rose from their seats to cheer for her at the end of the show, as we see in the photos that have already reached more than 289,000 views. On YouTube as of Wednesday.

“I've never seen anything like this in my life […] It was one of the most spiritual experiences I think I've ever had. “It was absolutely fantastic,” commented judge Amanda Holden in amazement.

In March 2023, Genevieve Côté received the Golden Buzzer Award from judge Howie Mandel on Canada's Got Talent, propelling her straight through to the semi-finals of the show, before repeating the feat during an appearance on La France's show Amazing Talent, in November. 2023, according to a press release issued by Tram Productions on Wednesday.

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Next, Quebec headed to the United States where she was chosen from among the 40 favorite performers across all adaptations of the show around the world to participate in the show America's Got Talent Fantasy League, we can read.

The impersonator will perform in Quebec on May 3 at the Val-Gatinois Festival of Performing Arts, at Lac Sainte-Marie in Outaouais, and on August 10 at Festishow Poutine in Alma in Saguenay.