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The famous Las Vegas area was flooded

The famous Las Vegas area was flooded

Less than 24 hours after several areas of Las Vegas flooded, including the popular Strip, Sin City braced for more rain on Saturday.

“We’re lucky because we live high up. But the whole yard was flooded. I went for a walk in the streets earlier and it was very impressive,” says Simon Robert, a Quebecois resident who settled in Las Vegas two years ago.

In all, nearly 2.2 centimeters of water fell on the vice capital, three times the monthly average for September, causing several flash floods.

according to New York PostThe roads in several areas of Las Vegas quickly turned into rivers, preventing vehicles from driving there. At least one driver was ejected from his car, while others were forced to abandon their cars under bridges.

However, the city has not reported any reports of rescue operations or major incidents.

Flash flood warnings were in effect for parts of Clark County on Friday evening, which includes Las Vegas and other counties in Nevada, California and Arizona. In addition to the heavy rain, the National Weather Service (NWS) said dangerous lightning and storms were expected.

A rare phenomenon

The monsoon season in Las Vegas usually begins in June and ends in mid-September. During this time, the Earth warms and moist air from the Pacific Ocean moves overland, causing humidity.

According to the National Weather Service, Friday broke the humidity record for September that was set 11 years ago. However, summer 2022 is still the wettest monsoon season in the past decade, according to a report The New York Times.

“On average, it rains about seven days a year in Vegas. The monsoon season comes once a year. But usually this kind of flooding doesn’t happen,” says Simon Robert.

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