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“I drank a little beer”: Fire Chief embarrassed

“I drank a little beer”: Fire Chief embarrassed

The Dearborn, Michigan, fire chief was arrested on a drunken driving charge in a scene captured on a police officer’s body camera last Wednesday.

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Once he was intercepted, Joseph Murray sought the help of an attorney to assist him with his potential legal problems.

In an excerpt of his arrest published by the Law & Crime Network channel, we see the firefighter in a clearly drunk state.

Dearborn police initially stopped him at 95 mph in a 65 mph zone.

“I had several beers, of course. Three or four hours, over the course of several hours,” he told the agent, emphasizing that he had not drunk alcohol in the fifteen minutes preceding his arrest.

One officer appeared unconvinced by Murray’s testimony, and accused the man of being “drunk” after turning off his truck’s engine.

“You’re done. You almost can’t talk. You almost can’t stand,” he says.

The offending driver was then subjected to a test where he was asked to proceed in a straight lane.

“Go until I tell you to stop. Do you have questions? You have to do what I tell you,” he told agent Joseph Murray.

The latter failed the test miserably, because he lost his balance as soon as the policeman signaled to move forward.

By refusing to blow into the breathalyzer, the police arrested the American, who remained detained for several hours.

His employer, the Dearborn Fire Department, has placed him on administrative leave pending further developments in the investigation.

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He has been chief of a fire department based in suburban Detroit since 2012.

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