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Quitting teaching at Costco: I’m more fulfilled

Quitting teaching at Costco: I’m more fulfilled

A woman in the US found a way to get a big pay raise… by quitting her job as a teacher to work at Costco.

In 2022, Maggie Perkins chose to give up her career in education. She had been working as a teacher for eight years, and received $47,000 annually, working 60 hours a week in addition to unpaid overtime, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. New York Post.

“Between the administrative pressures, testing requirements, and the stamina required to teach at the height of the pandemic, I was exhausted,” she wrote in a CNBC article.

@millennialmsfrizz One year ago today, I cut a job at Amazon. I have not yet considered working at Costco. I left education and realized I would never be a teacher again. I knew there were a lot of things wrong with education, and these things couldn’t change fast enough for me to get back to them. I was heartbroken, and I was grieving the loss of my professional identity as a teacher. But I was firm in my decision to move forward towards something better. Even if you need to get something good enough for the moment. Once I started working at Costco, I understood the upward mobility possible within the company, made sure to get as much experience as possible, and applied for company-wide jobs that I was a good fit for. #Teacher Training #teacherquittok #costcocareer #transportation cost ♬ Relaxing background music with acoustic guitar and saxophone (1288148) – Amy

I am looking for temporary workI So Perkins took a job at Costco. After holding a position at the cash register and another at the bakery, she joined the company’s marketing training team.

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“Seeing them in action showed me that I could still be a teacher — but in a different context. So when a position opened up in Issaquah, Washington, I immediately applied,” she explained.

Maggie Perkins said she now works as a content developer and marketing trainer at Costco, a job that pays much better than teaching.