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An elderly person waits 5 days fasting for surgery: “There are always many limits”

An elderly person waits 5 days fasting for surgery: “There are always many limits”

Political analyst Régine Laurent was challenged when she learned that an 80-year-old senior had to wait five days on an empty stomach for surgery after suffering a broken hip.

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In her segment “Le Billet de Régine” on the program “Le Bilan,” Ms. Laurent explains the kind of pain this man felt during the long days.

“A broken arm is painful, but at least you can wear a splint while waiting for a cast or while waiting for surgery if necessary,” she explains. But a hip fracture is a lot of pain.

She adds: “So this man has a fracture and his only hope on earth is to undergo surgery.” On the first day, he is on the operating list, fasting, waiting to be transferred to the operating room, and he is told at 8 p.m. that he has been postponed to the next day.”

The man had to fast in order to receive anesthesia during surgery, but when it did not arrive, he was forced to go without painkillers while he waited for five days.

“He is fasting,” Mrs. Laurent protests. The man tries to sleep anyway, because we ask him to rest, but when the scenario is repeated for four or five days on an empty stomach, every time it is as if we are beating you because you see that your pain will continue. Be there.”

“I’m sure there are good reasons, such as more urgent cases or less time for the operation,” she continues. But there is always more mosus Limits for this gentleman.”

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The political analyst points out that postponing surgery does not only affect the patient.

“You have to add to the family stress,” she said. I put myself in his place, his daughter. You see your parents suffering, but you are powerless to speed up the care process. You can’t do anything. An elderly person with a broken hip, we can’t lift him up, make him walk several times down the aisle, it’s not possible.

For older adults, waiting can lead to a loss of independence.

“One important piece of data that has been well documented is that for an elderly person who spends 48 or 72 hours lying on a stretcher, there is a significant risk of losing independence, because as we age, we lose muscle strength quickly,” he says. Regine Lawrence. Imagine the poor man lying there for days looking at the lights on the ceiling of the emergency room.

“Fortunately, in most cases, for people who have to have surgery, things go well and the quality of care is there,” she continues. but […] It’s scary for people who are getting older who will be less independent. As a patient or future patient, we feel helpless and hostage to a system in which you can do nothing.

The former president of the Professional Federation of Health of Quebec (FIQ) is concerned about the fact that the Ministry of Health does not know how many people are hospitalized and waiting for surgery.

“We cannot measure the mental, psychological and physical health impacts of postponed surgeries,” she protests. For care at the human level, we may need to know this to make things better.

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Watch “Billet de Régine” in the video above