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NFL: Travis Kelce salutes Taylor Swift’s boldness

NFL: Travis Kelce salutes Taylor Swift’s boldness

Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce described Taylor Swift’s public outing at his team’s game against the Chicago Bears as “pretty bold,” but he did not go into details about her relationship with the American pop singer.

In an interview as part of his podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce Who has been available since Wednesday morning, Kelce addressed Swift’s presence in a luxury box at Arrowhead Stadium with members of his family during the Chiefs’ 41-10 win last Sunday. The 12-time Grammy winner was sitting next to Kelsey’s mother, Donna, and she didn’t mind screaming during the game.

Kelce said everyone’s attitude toward Swift in the locker room was “amazing,” and added that there had been nothing but good comments about him.

β€œIt looked great,” he admitted. Everyone spoke very positively about her. What’s more, you know, the day ended well for Chiefs fans. Of course, you guessed it, it was planned that way.

Kelce and Swift left the field together after the game, and the two-time Super Bowl champion joked, “We sped off in the getaway car.”

Kelsey said he was aware of the public interest in his relationship with Swift, adding that he had seen paparazzi outside his home. His presence, both before and after the meeting, caused a spike in sales of the star tight end’s jerseys, so much so that licensed sporting goods manufacturer Fanatics told the Associated Press that it was one of the five best-selling NFL jerseys of all time. Sunday.

β€œLooks like the Swifties are part of the boss kingdom, too,” Kelsey concluded.

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