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Problems in the Village: “Who was the cabochon who thought of that?”, Benoît Dutrezac

Problems in the Village: “Who was the cabochon who thought of that?”, Benoît Dutrezac

Benoît Dotrezac He is known for his frankness and his interviews with a member of the city council of the Saint-Jacques region and a member of the executive committee responsible for urban planning Robert Beaudry It was no exception. There should be no doubt: that the host cares about what happens in the village.

Over his QUB Radio microphone, Dotrzak lamented the state of the neighborhood and, according to him, the lack of efforts to solve the problem. It must be said that his day started once again by avoiding human feces near his parking lot.

Municipal advisor and member of the executive committee in charge of urban planning, Robert Beaudryis being harshly interrogated by Benoît Dotrezac In his latest podcast episode available on the audio and video platform QUB Radio :

He told his guest: “I don’t know what you are waiting for until you put toilets everywhere.”

Then the churches’ words followed one another to describe the situation they considered urgent. Take the opportunity to return to the temporary installation of the ‘Little Throw’ cycle on St Catherine Street.

“Hitman,” he shouted, “you should have given him a broom.”

We could say that Dotrzak is “taking down the bad guy” in this powerful interview about a neighborhood where there are more empty buildings than thriving businesses. However, special mention goes to Robert Baudry for his composure and “courage and recklessness”.

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