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“People have no idea what I’ve been through in the last five years…”: Marilou releases the album Traits d’union

“People have no idea what I’ve been through in the last five years…”: Marilou releases the album Traits d’union

She is 32 years old and has more than 20 years of experience in the field Job offer. After a decade-long musical hiatus to take care of herself, Marilou returns with… Hyphensa new album presented without making any concessions.

In 2017, Marylou bought a piano that was too big without really knowing what to do with it. Little by little, she reclaimed this instrument that had given birth, almost by chance and very slowly, first song, then another, and another… Writing, composing, recording and co-producing, every step was for her a therapy.

“I would say that for 10 years, there were only 5 years of silence. People have no idea what I’ve been through in the last 5 years… I’ve never made as much music as I did during those years.” Treatment and working to improve myself, I discovered that I was the artist,” explains the businesswoman behind this success Three times a day.

Photo courtesy of Nat Corbeil Promotion, courtesy of Laurence Fafard

Agricultural project

A thousand miles away from this tendency to “take things lightly,” Marilou insists on the rigor she displays in her discipline.

“I want to treat myself with respect and artistically as well. The whole creative process was a series of periods of suffering that were not necessarily fun, but liberating, as with the song Rosie. It was a serious and ethical process,” adds the young woman known for her great sensitivity.

It took a similarly strict work ethic to convince her to make an album again. Because the wounds of the past left traces in her heart as a singer who, at about 12 years old, found herself stuck in a “very big machine” (her first solo album, girl singing, It sold 50,000 copies in just a few weeks and included four number one songs, including a duet with Jarreau).

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“You have to grow something. ‘Cause popularity and attention don’t feed you,” she whispers.

When Audiogram approached her about making a record, she had one ready, but was very hesitant. Her demands were clear: she wanted to be paid for her art and recordings, and to have complete control over her music, from images to graphics to design and all artistic choices.

“I’m happy that this album is not a revenge for the past, but a ball of love made with patience. I have a real feeling that this is my first record,” says the artist, who was happy to surround herself with musician Fred St. Gillet for this project.

Photo courtesy of Nat Corbeil Promotion, courtesy of Laurence Fafard

Doing useful work

The 16 songs that make up this new work address themes that are precious and rich through the eyes of a mother of two young girls. Hyphen Celebrates brotherhood and the importance of the bond between brother and sister, the hero of the story Explains the behavior of a young woman on social networks, Apple core He looks at his dear grandfather’s blacksmith it is your turn It talks about the relationship between two people. Marilou also addresses motherhood (Bittersweet light pink) and commas that become transitions.

“I’m proud that I’m not ashamed of my mistakes, and that I choose to be there with my contradictions,” Marylou says. She adds that the depth of the messages she received upon the release of each excerpt from the album is what made her feel in her place.

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“I feel the connection created, the qualities of union precisely between me and other people who experience ordinary things and who understand me,” says the person who wants to disclose certain states of mind and personal issues (anxiety, motherhood, her fear of returning to the stage) on social networks. To draw attention to important things.

Album hyphens, By Marilou, will be on platforms on Friday. Four different vinyl record covers are offered, and several derivative products are offered on the site. Three times a day.