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Outstanding looks from the Grammys red carpet

Outstanding looks from the Grammys red carpet

red carpet for 64And the The Grammy Awards release was a ’90s poem through the perspective of singers born in that decade.

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Some celebrate the fervor of Versace and Roberto Cavalli, others lean towards bright colours, even neon, while minimalist and grunge streams, which are back, are also popular.

Carrie Underwood She sparkled in this sparkly dress by Dolce & Gabbana.

Megan Thee Stallion She wore a sparkly Roberto Cavalli dress that blended leopard skin and colorful zebra, giving the look plenty of gold jewelry.


Opera gloves add a touch luster Singing band Valentino.

Chrissy Teigen She wore her pink Nicole + Felicia Couture dress.

Vincent Street

Part of the Gucci collection, this iridescent feathered dress is a tribute to the ’70s.

billie eilish This conceptual outfit, an off-the-shoulder raincoat to serve as a robe, is from the Rick Owens collection.

Lil Nas X

This beaded ensemble was designed by the home of Balmain.

Dua Lipa She embraced Versace’s style down to her hairstyle by wearing her perfectly straight blonde hair, like Donatella Versace’s signature hairstyle.

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Justin and Hailey Bieber

Justin Bieber played the XL card at Balenciaga and Hailey Bieber opted for the minimalist trend, slipping into a Saint Laurent sheath.

doja cat Fall in love with Atelier Versace’s crystal-encrusted aquamarine dress that reveals a matching bust, paired with a matching blown glass case on the arm.