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Earthquake in Morocco: Rachid Badouri gives two useful presentations

Earthquake in Morocco: Rachid Badouri gives two useful presentations

Disturbed by the earthquake that struck Morocco on September 8, Rachid Badouri wanted to help his native country. Preserved word : The comedian is hosting not one, but two benefit shows as part of his initiative us for you.

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In the face of the tragedy in Morocco that left more than 2,900 people dead, Rachid Badouri was relieved to see his family and loved ones avoiding the worst. “I am with the Moroccans wholeheartedly,” he told us in a very emotional interview. We feel helpless on the outside, but we experience it with them. I will do everything to help one way or another. »

This assistance will take the form of two special evenings organized to raise funds for earthquake victims. The artists contacted by Rachid Badouri quickly accepted the invitation to help the Moroccan people.

  • Rachid Badouri talks about the earthquake that struck Morocco on Sophie Durocher’s program via QUB Radio :

On October 9, a number of comedians will take to the Olympia Theater in Montreal to show their support for Morocco during this special evening hosted by Rachid Baddoury: Laurent Paquin, Christine Morency, Eddie King, Anas Hassouna, Niv Bensimon, Oussama Fares and Doaa Kachache. .

On October 12, at Olympia in Montreal, it’s time for music at an evening organized by Pollen Records and presented by Rachid Baddoury with MB, Loud, La Zarra, Lost, White-B, Rowjay, Souldia, Ya Cetidon, Capitaine Gaza, Micalia and 4 Say. Charaf Bouregaa, director and partner of Pollen Records, was also present during the earthquake that struck Morocco.

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These two informative offers are being provided as part of the initiative us for you By Rachid Badduri, who has been performing since 2017 to help victims of humanitarian crises.

Tickets for both shows will go on sale starting Wednesday, September 20 at midnight for $45. T-shirts will also be available for $35. All profits will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross.