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Our powerful AI-powered PDF editor goes further than you think

Our powerful AI-powered PDF editor goes further than you think

UPDF is more than just a PDF editor. Form filling, AI integration, digital signature or even attachment support: its developer has thought of everything and is constantly improving it.

Are you looking for a PDF editor that is easy to use and excellent value for money? UPDF is definitely the solution that can meet your needs.

Compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, UPDF includes many features to edit, convert, annotate, annotate, scan, and convert PDF documents. This PDF editor is constantly evolving, regularly introducing new tools.

UPDF is available for free, but the Pro version allows you to take advantage of more modules. Its publisher is currently offering deep discounts. Whether you purchase UPDF Pro or UPDF Pro with AI extension, great discounts will apply across the board.

How to edit a PDF document using UPDF?

UPDF provides an intuitive and clear interface. It allows all users, whatever their IT level, to quickly find and access all available tools. Here’s how to edit a PDF document with UPDF and what are the basic features it offers.

With UPDF, users obviously have a comfortable PDF viewer, able to view PDF documents of any size and adapt the display according to their habits and requirements. They also have tools for annotating files: underline, highlight, cross out text, apply stamps, attach labels, frame, add symbols, arrows, freehand circles, etc.

What would a PDF editor be without editing tools? From any existing PDF document, the user can add links, change text, modify colors and font, insert new elements, adjust image size, add a watermark, etc. It is even possible thanks to the character recognition system OPDF OCR-Convert PDF file to other office or image formats.

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UPDF also leverages artificial intelligence in its PDF editor with UPDF AI. This assistant helps improve productivity by providing tools capable of translating, summarizing, transcribing, and annotating documents. And if you’re not sure about spelling, how to turn a sentence, or need ideas for writing an essay, contact UPDF AI.

In terms of file security, UPDF is not left out and offers to protect documents with passwords, set up an electronic signature system, or even compromise the PDF file to make it uneditable.

What new features does UPDF offer?

To become your reference PDF editor Download Adobe Acrobat ProIn particular, UPDF focuses on improving its performance and adding new features. Includes the latest version of the software Interactive forms creation systemWhich users can fill in in a simple and intuitive way.

UPDF supports creating new forms, as well as automatically selecting or creating form fields in existing forms. Hence, it is possible to create forms from office programs such as Word or Excel, and when imported into UPDF, they will be automatically detected. Once the final PDF document is created (administrative forms, contracts, HR questionnaires), recipients can complete it digitally.

UPDF now includes digital signature. It must be clearly distinguished from an electronic signature: the latter simply enters an image of a signature without a digital certificate of authenticity. Thus, a digital signature guarantees the legal validity of the signed document because it makes it possible to identify the author and date of signing, with associated data. You can upload your own digital signature to use or create a new digital signature on UPDF.

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Another important new feature: adding attachments. As with email, it is possible to associate any type of file with a PDF document: a contract with attachments, a form with explanatory documents, an exercise with a lesson, etc. Simply attach the additional document so that it is accessible, and so that it does not get lost in another email, for example.

UPDF: Excellent value for money

With its free version sufficient for students, individuals, and SMEs, UPDF meets all the basic needs of reading and annotating PDF files.

For users with more advanced needs, UPDF Pro offers a complete solution at really attractive prices. Its cost is only 12% of an Adobe Acrobat Pro license.

Regardless of which Pro license method is chosen, saving edits to PDF files without a watermark, all unlimited features and up to 20GB of cloud storage (including 10GB with the “AI” extension) are included.