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Nothing Phone (1) will be launched in the United States

Nothing Phone (1) will be launched in the United States


(Pocket-lint) – There has been no confirmation that the phone will not release its most popular phone (1) in the US after rumors of its actual availability began to heat up.

This would be a huge disappointment to avid fans of the emerging technology brand in the United States, but given the list of the latest wireless carriers, there are no American names or Canadians on offer.

Nothing Presented a report to PCMag Confirms the result by saying:


“We want to bring the phone (1) to the wider community around the world, focusing on national markets, including the UK and Europe, where we have strong partnerships with major local operators. Is needed, and as we are still a young brand we need to be strategic in this regard. “

The phone obviously works in the US, but does not have reliable coverage or connectivity, making it a very risky purchase for anyone who spends too much time in North America. There will be no voice calls over LTE on AT&T, limited coverage on T-Mobile and no service on Verizon.

Surprisingly, it aims to release phones for the US, but nothing has been followed without any assurance that version (1) of the phone will be on that number.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills. Chris Hall Editing.

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