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Samsung was fined in Australia for playing with water

Samsung was fined in Australia for playing with water

Samsung has announced in Australia that its smartphones will be water resistant when diving in the ocean or swimming pool by announcing its fingers loudly and clearly.. The Australian Competition and Consumer Authority – ACCC – fined the manufacturer $ 14 million or more than 9 million.

Investigation Started in the summer of 2019, ACCC accused Samsung of exaggerating the aquatic qualities of many of its phones and risking misleading consumers. During their presentation and in many media, Ads and testimonials He showed the water resistance of the devices by showing people jumping into the swimming pool in full attire – with phones in their pockets – suggesting that he could use the underwater galaxy, or ride the waves without worrying from his smartphone. The partnership with a surfer was renewed for the occasion, with the champion launching his S7 ” The perfect accessory for the beach “.

This Galaxy is well water resistant with IP68 standard, but as we often forget, this marketing is only valid for phones that are slowly placed and kept motionless in the water due to carelessness. Chlorine from swimming pools, sea salt and turbulence can have devastating effects, not necessarily at this time, but over time. Especially with corrosion in the connection ports. ACCC regrets, especially if your phone speeds up the event by charging it before it dries completely.

The ACCC says the ads, which aired between 2016 and 2018, may have given customers a false sense of security and encouraged sales. More than 3.1 million counterfeit phones have been sold in Australia. These are S7, S7 Edge, A5 (2017), A7 (2017), S8, S8 Plus and Note 8. AAAC also claims to have received hundreds of complaints from customers who have experienced significant problems or irreparable damage.

Samsung initially had no disappointment in its ads, but at the same time its support pages unequivocally advised against the apps promoted by these campaigns. Stuck in its discrepancies and technical sources, the manufacturer finally acknowledged its flaws. In addition to the fine, he will have to deal with customers who have lost the phone to using the charging board after exposing them to salt or chlorinated water.


The iPhone is not waterproof, it is water resistant

Samsung was still a little lucky in the case, the closed period shortly before the enactment of a law to increase fines on these types of files. Currently another quality of its phones is being tested: dust resistance.

50 million Samsung smartphones will collect dust

50 million Samsung smartphones will collect dust

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