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They play football for missing children

They play football for missing children


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The English football club Sands United is a group of fathers suffering from perinatal grief. A way to pay tribute to their missing children.

They share more than just an interest in football. There is a shock common to all Sands United FC players Birth grief This is similar to the loss of a baby during pregnancy or immediately. The first names of a son, a daughter, son-in-law or daughter-in-law are sometimes displayed on the shirt. However, during training on Wednesday night, the team looked like everyone else with a smile, missed shots and an uncompromising coach.

The Sands United Club helps fathers find happy moments. “We are here for a sad reason, but we do not always have to be sad. We want to show that we can enjoy life.”, Explains team founder Rob Allen. Training does not turn into a talking group but intimate conversations sometimes slip in an informal way. Perinatal loss affects 5,000 British families each year, but as in the United Kingdom and France, the issue is largely prohibited.

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