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NM Peter-Fraser: Ship instability concern

NM Peter-Fraser: Ship instability concern

You can count on one hand the number of times in the summer that tourists have the opportunity to make the round trip between Ile Verte and the mainland in one day. Yesterday was one of those rare occasions.

“Mondays are very crowded and yesterday there were a lot of reservations. Therefore, all those who booked for the morning could not get through. It was one of the rare days in the summer when we could count on daily tourism, “explains the Mayor of Notre-Dame de Sept-Dolor, Louise Newbury.

The latter saw all color last summer with the MV Peter-Fraser, when the ferry had to dock several times. A break like yesterday brings back bad memories. “It worries us a little because last year we were very confident and there were many breakdowns, but during the winter there was a major repair of the ferry. Every five years they have to do a dry dock. This year we started the season in full swing, but this is a bad start.”

Annoying instability

The instability of the ferry has forced many islanders and tourists to change their plans. We were supposed to cross yesterday, but ended up being delayed until today. “It sure changes plans,” explains one worker who was due to go to Ile-Vert on Monday for his job.

“Currently, we’re leaving a car on this side [à L’Isle-Verte] And another on the other side [Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs]. “Because we always feel insecure about not being able to go back,” says an Ile Vert resident.

relief ship

STQ has acquired a relief ship in recent months. And despite Louise Newbery’s predictions, the boat still isn’t ready to sail.

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“The start is longer than we expected. We were in a hurry, and we hoped he would take charge at the start of the season. It seems that probably wasn’t the case before August. Let’s say that’s discouraging,” said the mayor.

The official commissioning date of the relief ship is uncertain. Plan B helicopter service continues for the time being.