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New series “Le 7e”: Réjean Tremblay returns to the world of “Lance et compte”

New series “Le 7e”: Réjean Tremblay returns to the world of “Lance et compte”

Journalist and screenwriter Regine Tremblay, who has just left Montreal Journal And Quebec JournalShe is working on a new series called VII for value added tax.

The person who will celebrate his 79th birthday on ThursdayH Milad spoke about it Monday into the Pénélope McQuade mic on ICI Premiere.

And through this novelty – the scripts were delivered as mentioned – by an author Throw a promise He takes an interest again in our national sport, which he has covered for more than 50 years as a journalist. New characters created by Mr. Tremblay are attracted to the management of the Montreal team that plays in the National Hockey League.

VII, it is the Bell Center, where all decisions regarding the CH Group, Canadians, etc. are made. The team that preceded the Montreal Canadiens is in the hearts of Quebecers, from 1883 to 1908.

in VIIthe owner of the team was not named Jeff Molson as in real life, but LB Morgan.

Consider sensitivities

Regine Tremblay told Pénélope McQuade that “modern writing” ensures that the texts of the first Throw a promise “We will not pass the level of writing currently,” because we must take into account the sensitivities of all societies.

“The players [du National dans Lance et compte] to make black face To show their support for Pierre Lambert who was in love with a Haitian. […] In 1986, the company didn’t exist,” added Mr. Tremblay, who now has a daily column on the airwaves for BPM Sports.

At the time of this writing, it was not possible to speak to anyone at Content Quebecor to find out more about this new series, especially when it is filmed and broadcast.

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