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News from Marc-Andre Collier

News from Marc-Andre Collier

These days, Marc-Andre Collier is having fun on stage in plays There were ten of them, Who enjoys dazzling success wherever she goes on tour.

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“It's a change for me to not produce and just play and enjoy the moment, because even when I'm at La Marjolaine, I make sure the world is happy.” Additionally, the owner of the theater located in Eastman is gearing up for the summer season, which begins June 14, with comedy May contain traces of ego. Etienne (14) and Emile (15), his two younger children, whom he has with Nathalie, his wife since 2012, will spend the summer there to work. “Emile will be a diver and Etienne will be at the ticket office, just like Alice and Louis did. (These are the children of his union with Anne Dorval. The first, aged 30, is an actress, and the second, aged 25, is a cabinet maker.)

This is the twenty-first summer I have spent in La Marjolaine. I bought it in 2003 to open in 2004. The play I'm performing this summer is in a co-production with Encore, which will then tour. La Marjolaine would later welcome the return of musical theatre Nuns From August 14, after a stop at the Lionel Groulx Theater in Saint-Thérèse from July 25-27. The comedy will also be shown at Rideau Vert from November 7-9. Moreover, his father Jean-Pierre Collier's condition is good. “He's at the top of his game. He's 86 years old. He takes it easy. He started out drawing drawings. Jean-Pierre started his career as a cartoonist. He does a lot of drawings for CHUM, of which he is an honorary sponsor. These are riddles and riddles meant to stimulate cognitive abilities.” It has been four years since he started and he has nearly 600 drawings.

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