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Bell Media spins off its weekend newscasts on Noovo

Bell Media spins off its weekend newscasts on Noovo

Two and a half years after launching newscasts on its general interest channel Noovo, Bell Media has decided to cut its weekend newscasts this fall.

In announcing its programming for the season on Monday, information service Noovo Info made no mention of these information meetings, which are usually broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 10 am.

Bell Media spokesperson Patrick Tremblay confirmed duty this show weekend theme I just won’t go back on air. The latest release dates back to April 23rd. What was supposed to be a temporary break during the summer turned out to be a permanent break.

“With this adjustment in its content production strategy, Noovo Info is putting its energies and resources into producing documentaries that address issues that have a significant impact on society,” Patrick Tremblay said in an email.

However, host Meeker Guerrier, who has been at the helm of the show since it debuted in March 2021, remains at Noovo Info. He will be more involved in the weekday bulletins – which are kept – as well as during the daily broadcasts analogues. He would also occasionally replace Michelle Bearer in animation for the 10 p.m.

changing the name

Noovo also announced some upcoming changes, starting with a new name for its newsletters, which will be called Noovo Noovo information From August 28 and no longer novo spinning. A way to “collect all the offerings made by Belle Media’s francophone information service” under the same identity, Jean-Philippe Pinault, general manager of information, specified in a press release on Monday.

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Marie-Christine Bergeron will continue to host the 5 p.m. newscast (renamed Novo Info 17), and Michelle Berrier, at 10 p.m. (renamed Novo Info 22). However, Mr. Bearer will be replaced on Friday evenings by Sabrina Rivette. Another addition to the team of hosts: journalist Jean-Simon Pouille will now head regional news programs in Saguenay-lac-Saint-Jean, Maurice and Estre for the week. This will allow Lisa Marie Place to devote herself to animation for the Quebec newsreel.

In addition, Maxime Landry became Senior Director of News at Noovo Info, after spending 27 years at TVA, which he left last March. Thus, he assumes responsibility, succeeding Ariane Lavreniere, who left the channel during the last season.

As for Noemi Mercier, who hosted The wire 17 In the first season, she will continue to devote herself to the production of documentaries.

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