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Two churches in Australia became an incredible home

Two churches in Australia became an incredible home

Can you introduce us to Tigmi?

My partner Julien and I started Digmi after a trip to Morocco, where our passion for Berber rugs, their stories, craftsmanship and the aesthetic simplicity of these traditional designs began. Our business now has design elements that appeal to me both vintage and contemporary. These are pieces that carry stories, are handcrafted and timeless. Today, Tigmi also offers its own collections that include rugs, mirrors, outdoor furniture and our latest addition, the Nara sofa.

Can you tell us about this unique home?

Our home has two chapels in beautiful Byron Bay grounds. One dates from the end of the 18th century and the other was built in 1950, when the first was weakened by the storms that hit the area. We have redesigned both these structures giving them different style and functionality. One is very bright and dedicated to living rooms. It includes a kitchen, dining room, office, a bathroom… The other chapel accommodates a sleeping area including three bedrooms, a playroom and a laundry room.

Why did you choose this house?

The geographic location of the property enchanted us, as did the opportunity to purchase not one but two historic buildings to create a unique home for our family.

What is your intervention to transform these two buildings?

The structure was fine, but some changes have been made to convert the two buildings into housing. We spent the first years ensuring the solidity of the infrastructure. Then, we started distributing the rooms to create a family space.

It took time to transform this difficult place without ruining it. But we have managed to bring modernity in our own way to highlight the unity of the two constructions. The most difficult part was redefining the sleeping areas by creating openings to allow more light. We opened up an entire section of the cement church wall with a custom-made French window based on a model of the existing windows. We sourced majestic doors that add a warm touch to other churches in Argentina.

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What was your inspiration for creating this outfit?

Our desire was to add a collection of our favorite pieces and work in harmony with what was there. Our style can be defined by our collection of vintage and current pieces, punctuated with works by my mother Sylvia McEwan, Craig Ruddy and sculptures.

I don't stick to one style, I tend to choose pieces that make me feel something and last over time. In my opinion, we feel at home when we surround ourselves with things and people that make us happy.

What is your favorite place?

My favorite room is the palette that brings together the open kitchen, living room and dining room. The space opens up to a courtyard and lush landscaping. The light here is very beautiful in the morning and in the evening. It is also the heart of our home where we gather with family and friends.

What are the notable pieces in your collection?

Over the years, we have created a collection of furniture that makes us very happy. Our collection includes our Nara sofa, which was recently introduced in the Digmi collection. But vintage finds like a Percival Laffer MP81 armchair, a pair of Safari armchairs by Borge Morgensen, Soriana armchairs and a majestic Olivier de Schriver mirror placed above the fireplace. Everything we own has its own story, be it a gift from an artist friend, a travel souvenir or a family heirloom.