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Ze Life In English In Paris (2023 Edition)

Ze Life In English In Paris (2023 Edition)

Every year, I go to Paris, and spend time with my family. And every year, I write a column where I apologize for the invasion of the English language.

This year, at Père Lachaise Cemetery, I went to see the graves of Marcel Proust, Simon Signoret, Yves Montand, Georges Méliès, etc.

Then I went to see Moliere’s grave. And I wondered if it wasn’t the “language of Molière” that we were now burying.

getting worse

In Paris, I enjoy jotting down the names of companies increasingly using Shakespeare’s language.

I’ve come across the Family Kitchen Furniture Store, Baby & Toddler Nursery (Children’s Centre), Passion Running Sport Shop, My Little Cocoon Beauty Salon, Cyclopik, Wanted On, Altermove, and Storm Cycling Club (which was unfortunately “closed” in August).

I saw Wonderland Brunchy, Oh my cream cosmetics shop, Donuts moov donuts, sister restaurant Brother (which at least has an excuse for serving Californian fare), Willi’s wine bar (which nonetheless serves “a selection of wines from the Rhône Valley”), Salon Tchip (doing “low-priced hair styling”), Foodist (“discovering culture through food”), Pilates studio called Hundred, salon Vog to color your life, Indian restaurant Cinnamon, tattoo parlor Anomaly Tattoo, and hair salon Space Hair, Bag-All bags, Niji Hancrafted Japanese Mochis, and the Upper Concept Store (which does co-working and special events as well as being an art gallery).

There was also a No Smoking Vape shop, Bubble and Waffle, Juice Box, ColorForever, Top Time, Curiosity, Rare Gallery, Shopping for Happiness and Corner du fromager.

I saw a restaurant that specializes in meatballs called “The Balls” and their neon slogan is “Eat My Balls”.

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1st I saw one after another: Meet the Nail Salon, Smoke well vaping, The Room Vintage outfits, and Sweet Escape candy!

The cookie shop is called Cookidiction, and their slogan written in neon pink is “Hot cookies, Hotodies”. He advertises “scoopy,” “sundy,” and “fudgy.”

Passing in front of the Stade de France, I learned from the huge posters that it was “esports ready” for the 2024 Olympic Games.

No need for English!

After throwing the pots, I would also like to throw the flowers and pay homage to all the Parisian companies that resist the fashion of the English, and that have chosen charming names.

creperie on the corner (located at the corner of 2 streets), bookstores L’arbre à lettres and Les mots à la bouche, butcher shop Côte à côte, TOC kitchenware shop Obsessive Cooking Disorder, Laundry Boat Laundry, stationery Graphic Melodies, Les tatas flingugues, shop Obj’ai vuitton souvenirs.

And I noticed department store names like Amour, Bonheur, Chanceux, Poésie, Cœur, and Merci.

My dear, are you going to Bonheur to fetch me a little something before I go to Poésie? And don’t forget to go through, thank you!