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Maybach teams up with Space Perspective to send tourists into space

Maybach teams up with Space Perspective to send tourists into space

Car manufacturers try to get people talking about their products and create partnerships that capture the imagination. Whether it’s Polestar, which teamed up with Candela to create a hydrogen boat, or Ford, which, in coordination with Lego, built the F-150 Lightning, manufacturers are not short of imagination. Mercedes BenzThis is done by dividing it MaybachIt also announced an exclusive partnership with a company called Space Perspective that specializes in interplanetary travel.

Mercedes Maybach in space?

Space perspective It is the first company in the world to experience carbon neutral spaceflight. This aims to reinvent travel with the goal of bringing thousands of customers, space explorers, to 30,480 meters above the Earth’s surface inside a pressurized capsule, the Spaceship Neptune, attached to a giant balloon, Space balloon.

Maybach space perspective

So where does Mercedes-Benz fit into the adventure? The company will not do like Tesla and send vehicles floating in space. The German company partnered with Space Perspective primarily to provide a premium experience for Space Perspective explorers.

The partnership will start on the ground where tourists will be transported on a four-wheel drive vehicle Maybach EQS. The official navigational SUV of the Space Perspective program will be responsible for transporting passengers to the pressurized capsule.

Once there, guests will embark on a journey into space. The hydrogen-powered SpaceBalloon will lift the capsule and passengers at a speed of 22 kilometers per hour to 30,480 meters in the air. Since the vehicle will not reach the necessary height of 99,779 meters in space, Space Perspective confirms that the experience will remain unique.

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Maybach space perspective
Maybach space perspective

A capsule with a Maybach look

In addition to providing official transportation for guests, Maybach took care of the interior design of the Neptune spaceship. The latter will resemble the Maybach luxury SUV. It has 6 lounge-style chairs facing huge windows (the largest of all spaceships according to Space Perspective), a central bar, green spaces and a bathroom. The company’s president is confident that the Space Perspective explorers will excel at the experience. “No rockets, no high power, no spacesuits – none of that. We use a balloon to gently transport people into space for the ultimate astronaut experience,” explains Jane Poynter, founder, co-CEO and chief operating officer.

Maybach plans to expand its involvement in the startup and aims to produce its visual signature within each capsule. “These efforts will culminate in Maybach’s involvement in the interior design of the capsule,” says Daniel Lesko, Director of Mercedes-Maybach USA.

The first Space Perspective mission is expected to launch later in 2024, and testing is currently underway. The seat costs $125,000, which limits the number of people who can afford this type of adventure. According to Jane Poynter, “more than 1,650 people have purchased tickets to go into space.”