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Opposite Skylight – Australia sounds its umpires

Opposite Skylight – Australia sounds its umpires

On occasion Play-offs of A-League Men, The Australian Federation announced the sound system of its referees during VAR interventions.

Accustomed to refereeing, it was one of the first confederations to implement VAR, with the Australian Confederation announcing a sound system for referees. Play-offs of A-League. Football Federation Australia chief executive James Johnson said: We have always been a world leader in this area, having been the first country to adopt VAR in a major domestic competition when we introduced VAR in the 2016/17 season. We continue to advocate globally for more innovation, and this development is an important step in the confederation's commitment to improving clarity and experience for fans, players, coaches and match officials.. ” [La sonorisation] Greater transparency will be added to referees' decision-making to provide more information to fans, players and coaches on match day. », Commissioner Nick Garcia added A-League.

However, the use of the sound system is limited. During Liga MX and the Club World Cup, or during the 2023 Women's World Cup, it uses the same procedure used in the NFL: as soon as the decision is taken from a TV monitor at the edge of the pitch, the referee announces his decision. All observers and observers from the field and can provide reasons for the decision taken. Before making a decision, where the review of the facts takes considerable time, the arbitrator will also make a statement to explain the reasoning leading to the decision.

Nathan Magill, chairman of referees at the Federation, added: The FA is keen to implement this initiative over several seasons as we believe it is important for stakeholders, particularly fans watching on the pitch or from afar, to know the thought process of match officials in such situations. To prepare, our referees have undergone extensive training throughout the season to ensure they are well prepared to implement this new system consistently and effectively. Their training includes developing clear communication skills and using consistent communication during competitive scenarios. “.

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The A-League is the first league in the Men's Asian Confederation to implement this process. In 2019, FOX aired exchanges between the referee and his VAR assistants. Jared Gillett was fitted with microphones during the A-League Grand Final, after which footage was broadcast. At the same time, the confederation published reports of the weekend's VAR results every Monday, which FIFA ordered to stop, and there were rumors that a public address system would be installed in live exchanges between the referee and VAR from the 2020/21 season. The IFAB later vetoed it. In 2020, four years after the USL first implemented VAR during a match, MLS implemented a full sound system for referees during exchanges with VAR during the MLS Is Back match, with the exchanges broadcast live. The experience was short-lived.

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Antoine Blanchett-Quérin

Antoine Blanchett-Quérin

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