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Celine Dion shares how her massive 2,000-crystal headpiece dazzled her on her wedding day

Celine Dion shares how her massive 2,000-crystal headpiece dazzled her on her wedding day

Celine Dion had to be treated with antibiotics in the three weeks following her wedding because her unusual headpiece, decorated with 2,000 Swarovski crystals sewn into her hair, left her with a large hole in the middle of her forehead, the singer revealed during an interview. with Vogue magazine.

In addition to her appearance on the front page of the French edition of the famous fashion magazine, which was photographed a few weeks ago in New York, Quebec looked back at 13 of her most memorable looks, from 1991 to today on the Internet. series life in looks, Carried out on behalf of Vogue magazine.

During this episode a queen Power poems She particularly remembered her wedding to Renée in Montreal, her wedding dress designed by Mirella and Steve Gentile and her headpiece weighing nearly three kilograms.


In another clip, he posted it on his Instagram page French VogueCeline Dion admits that she did not want to sing My heart will go on And director James Cameron didn't want the lyrics to the theme song for his movie Titanic. Celine was convinced by René, who suggested she go to the studio to record a demo “just to see,” and finally allowed herself to be drawn to the song, which became a cult hit. She also sang it at the 1998 Academy Awards, where she wore the famous Heart of the Ocean over a Michael Kors turtleneck dress.

Trust your designer

The singer appeared on the red carpet for the Academy Awards again in 1999, this time wearing a white tuxedo designed by John Galliano, at a time when wearing a dress was strict. This look is probably one of the most important looks in the singer's wardrobe Vogue magazine.

Celine Dion also returned to her look that spread in 2016, when she was photographed leaving the hotel where she was staying, all smiling, wearing a kangaroo like in the movie. Titanic.

May issue of French Vogue It will land on newsstands and online on Wednesday.

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