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Tatiana Silva finally reveals what her famous hand gesture at the end of the weather means!  – Tuxboard

Tatiana Silva finally reveals what her famous hand gesture at the end of the weather means! – Tuxboard

If you’re used to watching the weather report on TF1, you’ve probably noticed a recurring nod from Tatiana Silva!

Every time Tatiana Silva showed the weather on TF1, she used to make a nod to it The gift of harassing the French. what does that mean? We tell you everything!

When Miss Belgium becomes Miss Weather!

Tatiana Silva does her weather presenter role to perfection! Her presence is unanimous, and her beauty fascinates the French. It must be said that she knows how to do it! In fact, the Brussels held beauty contests Before you become a weather forecaster.

Besides, know that it is Until she became Miss Belgium in 2005. No, it’s not a joke! She won the competition when she had strong competitors!

Tatyana Silva is very proud of that. because this The coronation opened doors for him. After enticing the Belgians with her sweet smile, she caught the attention of AB3.

Yes! The brunette made her debut there as a columnist for the Belgian reality TV show. Then we talk to you about Miss Swan. she was sharing it Opinion on the candidates for the program.

After that, she was given the opportunity to become Belgium weather presenteron RTBF3. Then I decided to try adventure in France. At this exact moment, she joined the M6 ​​teams, then TF1, from 2017. She also worked for LCI.

In 2017, Tatiana Silva pulled off a very challenging feat after succeeding Catherine Laborde! And for good reason! The latter is engraved in the hearts of the French. They were devastated when they found out Reason for leaving…but his replacement won them over instantly.

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Tatiana Silva: A gesture that means a lot!

In fact, Tatyana Silva was very serious. So I provided the weather forecast, and it imposed itself as it should on TF1. Viewers appreciate nature and eleganceThanks to her carefully chosen clothes.

Tatiana Silva also performed specific gestures. Moreover, this one has it Gift of annoying netizens ! And for good reason! At the end of each weather report, the beautiful woman always makes a gesture with her hands, raising them to the sky. The goal is to salute the French.

This gesture is so interesting that Tatiana Silva told about it in an interview with our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs. She explains that she wants to make this gesture out of politeness to whoever watches it. Miss Weather explains:

“It’s my little add-on, I’m really into it. It’s not just ‘Good evening’, I say it with sincerity and conviction. Why am I raising my hand? It’s really to emphasize the fact that I’m sending this to you. People think I’m troubled. Well, it makes me smile! It doesn’t bother me.” Anyway, we all have our own style.

One thing is for sure, Tatiana Silva wants to keep her naturalness which appeals to the French so much. Moreover, I rightly mentioned the topic of beauty. and more Especially their physical relationship !

“We’re not all equal when it comes to skin aging, so I’m not judgmental of those who turn to aesthetic medicine. Life is too short to care about it. My skin is so dry I’m more prone to wrinkles than others, so if I have to, I’ll go through the scalpel box.” In the meantime, I pray that it will happen as late as possible! »