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Looking to 2023 |  backstage

Looking to 2023 | backstage

Several times this year, Journalism He had the privilege of behind-the-scenes access to important cultural events. Here are ten photos that showed us behind the scenes.

Photo by Josie Desmarais, Press Archive

Fred Bellerin will have spent much of 2023 on the road. We see him here preparing to go on stage at Salaberry-de-Valleyfield last February. His tour Get down to work It lasts at least until December… 2024!

Photo by Dominique Gravelle, Press Archive

Journalism I was able to go behind the scenes at a historic concert: the recent Just for Laughs concert, featuring none other than the great Yvon Deschamps, last July.

Photo by Charles William Pelletier, Private Collaboration, Press Archives

The Salbarbes musicians agree before entering the stage. The fraternal warmth we feel when seeing the quintet in performance is also evident behind the scenes, as our journalist José Lapointe, who followed the group on tour in Abitibi, can attest.

Photo by Charles William Pelletier, private collaboration, Los Angeles Press Archives

Every week for 15 seasons Live from the universe It is broadcast – as its title indicates – live, after two days of intense rehearsals at Grande's studios, on the Southwest Circuit. To achieve this ambitious challenge, the France Baudouin team applies a “zero energy waste” policy, which is based on reducing unnecessary emotions.

Photo by Dominique Gravelle, Press Archive

Music director of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Rafael Bayare, a few minutes before he takes the stage on September 21

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Press Archive

Stefan Russo during a visit to the film's filming site STAT, the daily series of ICI Télé. The medical drama's filming locations occupy an area of ​​15,000 square feet, spread over two studios in MELS, in the Saint-Hubert district.

Photo by Dominique Gravelle, Press Archive

The biggest names in comedy came together for the final Just for Laughs party last July. Luis José Houde, Normand Brathwaite and Laurent Paquin took the stage at this historic event. We see them here in a moment of relaxation.

Photo by Josie Desmarais, Press Archive

Sitting on a chair, Ginette Reno addresses an audience of kneeling journalists in the press room at the ADISQ gala. She just delivered an opening number (with FouKi) that everyone is talking about, but she also took home the Félix Award for Album of the Year (popular success).

Photo by Edouard Plante Frechette, Press Archive

The moment of complicity between Catherine Levac and Phil Roy, who have just rehearsed the song they will perform in the evening during Laurent Paquin's concert at the ComédiHa festival! Quebec.

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