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Corey Graves provides an update on a potential return to the ring

Corey Graves provides an update on a potential return to the ring

In January 2022 we learned that Corey Graves had been given the green light by doctors to return to the ring if he wished. Great news for Corey Graves who has been out of action since 2014 after suffering a series of concussions in NXT.

Since then, Corey Graves has taken on a role as a commentator or interviewer in WWE and has yet to return to the ring. Does WWE have no plan for him in the ring or does Corey Graves not want to become a wrestler again?

This week, Graves was interviewed on Steelers Takeaways and said that if he returns it will be for one night and not full-time:

“I had a good health check today, thank you. I actually got medical clearance a few years ago to wrestle in the ring again. I've flirted with the idea and am waiting for the potential opportunity if it arises. More than just a one-night stand like Pat McAfee did and not as a full-time wrestler inside The ring.

In conclusion, our man could return to a WWE ring anytime in one evening if the opportunity arises. It remains to be seen when that moment will happen because it could be a nice farewell for Corey Graves who never got the chance to do it justice.

Image source: @wwegraves

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