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Consumers want to boycott Loblaw grocery stores in May

Consumers want to boycott Loblaw grocery stores in May

Faced with rising food prices, buyers are calling on consumers to boycott Loblaw supermarkets across the country next month to express their fed up.

We are tired of dragging the devil by the tailOne of the boycott organizers, Emily Johnson, a resident of Milton, a suburb of Toronto, says in an interview with The Canadian Press.

Her page is entitled r/loblawsisoutofcontrol Reddit has about 56,000 subscribers.

Reddit's “Loblaws Out of Control” movement forum

Image: Reddit

Boycott organizers want Loblaw to sign a code of conduct for grocery stores and commit to offering more affordable prices.

It's impossible to know whether many consumers will follow the movement and what the revenue loss will be for Loblaw, but Ms. Johnson hopes the boycott will also raise awareness among Canadians and attract the attention of governments.

For Torontonian Anne de Siqueira, Loblaw's change of heart on discounting foods nearing expiration shows that consumers can have leverage.

Loblaw defends himself

Loblaw Per Bank's CEO says the company realizes its customers are looking for deals.