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Google has registered a trademark on the name of the AI-generating camera in its next smartphone

Google has registered a trademark on the name of the AI-generating camera in its next smartphone

next generation Amnesty International Smartphone cameras must become powerful enough to allow, for example, the addition of new wallpapers New wallpapers New backgrounds for photos, ideally with additional lighting and automatically generated details to match. Today, Google has reportedly found a name for this upcoming technology.

Mountain View has trademarked the term Realville With the United States Patent and Trademark Office (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Intellectual Property refers to the creation of “generative models” and the method “forThe use of artificial intelligence (Owns) to redraw images“.

These definitions invite speculation that RealFill may serve as a prosthetic restoration expert the pictures These definitions suggest that RealFill can act as an artificial restoration expert for images with blurred, missing, or damaged areas, filling those areas with content that, while perhaps original, should be closest to what was captured or should have been Part of the photo is in the original.

As a result, it can intervene to correct errors made by object erasing functions such as Magic eraser It can (and does) commit.

However, RealFill is also described as “Not downloadable“, which indicates that, just like Magic editorIt will only be available on the cloud, with all the potential drawbacks (which currently include slowness, imprecision, and inefficiency) that this limitation entails. Moreover, concerns have already been expressed to On potential ethical issues related to image forgeryforgery And authenticity.

However, RealFill may one day be an interesting selling point for a new smartphone. However, where a trademark application has been filed on the title April 10, 2024It is unlikely that he will appear the next day Pixel 8a or 9 almost.

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