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Julie Bellanger presents details of her major career project

Julie Bellanger presents details of her major career project

After announcing her departure from radio after 14 years on the air, many were curious to discover the next project of host Julie Belanger. Jolie has been able to publicize what she has been working on for over a year and a half.

Photo: Julian Fougere

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The hostess has finally managed to free herself from her wonderful secret: she is working on a documentary series that will be presented on the VRAI platform, starting in 2023.

The version is as follows. Well, here it is! It’s today!! 💫🤩 I finally have the right to reveal my new project! I have been working for a year and a half on a documentary series that will be on VRAI in 2023. This is the most intimate project of my career, where I will open the doors of my home …and my heart is for yours.Each episode will deal with a predicament, an ordeal that I have had to face in my life.So I will be receiving artists who have tried it at home,and I will meet with people from the audience and professionals to get around the question.

A series without a filter, where the woman will be the front and not the host, where we’ll tackle delicate and still taboo topics, to my great surprise, in 2022: depression, lack of motherhood, forgiveness, and therapies. ..for the girl who has always been afraid to reveal herself, diving is amazing…but so sexy and necessary. We start shooting tomorrow!!! My God!!! Let the adventure begin!! 💫 »

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The project is directed by Maude Éthier-Boutet and produced by Trio Orange.

Julie will also return to the helm The week ends wellwith a new person hosting him by his side after the departure of Jose Jude.

The documentary series will be shown on the platform Right from the year 2023.

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