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50 Cent Madonna ends her fitness at 63

50 Cent Madonna ends her fitness at 63

Madonna gets ridiculed at 50 cents

In December, 50 Cent mocked Madonna after suggestive photos the 63-year-old singer posted on her Instagram account. The latter then responded to the American rapper’s comments to put him back in his place and finally apologized but that didn’t stop him from being offended again.

used to trolling many personalities on social networks, 50 Cent recently targeted Madonna For his shots were very bold at the age of 63, “It’s Madonna under the bed, trying to do ‘Like A Virgin’ at 63. She’s dead if she doesn’t lift her old cracks. LMFAO.” He was amused by the reaction. “You’re just jealous that you don’t look as good as me or have much fun when you’re my age” Then the translator answered like a prayer. “I must have hurt Madonna. (…) I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. (…) I said what I thought when I saw the picture because I’ve seen it before. I hope you’ll accept my apologies” Fifty added.

Madonna compared to an alien in Fifty!

Madonna then made it clear that she wasn’t really convinced by 50 Cent’s apology Considering that he is not sincere in denouncing his behavior on the networks, “You were trying to shame me. You were trying to humiliate me. Your excuses are invalid. (…) Apologies are invalid if you don’t know what you are apologizing for. What you should apologize for is your misogynistic behavior and statements.” She had inherited in a letter long before she concluded “I forgive you and I hope that one day you will wake up and see a different point of view. I wish you the best”.

The latest photos Madonna posted on Instagram once again challenged 50 Cent and wasn’t kind to the 63-year-old singer by comparing her face to an alien face while adding the caption I hope her kids don’t take that picture. LOL at 63. Can someone tell her to relax?.

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