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Is Shuhei Ohtani, the most formidable player since Babe Ruth, worth nearly a billion?

Is Shuhei Ohtani, the most formidable player since Babe Ruth, worth nearly a billion?

The name of Japanese phenomenon Shohei Ohtani is on everyone’s lips as the Major League Baseball trade deadline approaches at 1any August. Whether or not he is traded by the Los Angeles Angels in the coming weeks, it seems clear that the athlete will redefine the potential value of one baseball player’s contract.

Is a billion dollars too much for who will be a free agent at the end of this season? Probably not because Otani is still a special case. He is 2 to 1. Not only is he the dominant pitcher in the rookie rotation, but he is also one of the best hitters in the major leagues. Most amazing player in history since Babe Ruth, who excelled more than 100 years ago at bat and on the mound.

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By the way, “Bambino” only once won a similar title of MVP, since there were no such awards during the beginning of his career. The «League Awards» a ensuite preceding the creation of the title since 1930. Because of its importance in 1923, it had 205 knockouts, no 41 circuits, and 152 matches in the Yankees uniform. New York. Then he turned 28, but he had already put his career as a pitcher aside at this time in his career.

Otani has just turned 29, and despite a blister on the middle finger of his right hand, looks like he’s on his way to continuing his double job for several more years. This is where math becomes fun!

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The biggest contract in history

The exercise is a bit simple, but very revealing. Considering that Aaron Judge of the Yankees is currently the highest-paid hitter with an annual salary of $40 million and pitcher Max Scherzer of the New York Mets is worth $43.3 million annually, it’s not enough adding up the amounts. On a 12-year contract, we’re up to exactly $999.6 million. It’s 400 thousand billion dollars.

That was enough to extrapolate a bit, but that’s just to show how expensive Ohtani is. Even by signing a ten-year agreement, the Japanese are likely to get a lot more than the $426.5 million given to current teammate Mike Trout for 12 years.

Can we think of $600 million for 10 years? $700 million? Bets are open. One thing is for sure, one can easily imagine the greatest decade in Major League Baseball history for the man who, unless otherwise noted, is now the best baseball player the planet has ever seen.

Beautiful “bat heart”

Again on Monday, Otani hit a 35-run home runH this season. He would play a long third ball in many matches. It was worth “turning the bat”!

Even if the Japanese phenom liked Babe Ruth and stopped pitching during the course of his next decade, he would still be among the most useful elements of his team. He was like Ruth.

The most generous contract in Major League Baseball history

Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels – 12 years old – $425 million

Mookie PetsLos Angeles Dodgers – 12 years old – 365 million dollars

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Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees – 9 years old – 360 million dollars

Manny MachadoSan Diego Padres – 11 – 350 million dollars

Francisco LindorNew York Mets – 10 years old – 341 million dollars

Fernando Tatis JrSan Diego Padres – 14 – 340 million dollars

Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies – 13 – 330 million dollars