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In Nice, the patient is vaccinated six times on the same day, and the University Hospital is cleared by the State Council

In Nice, the patient is vaccinated six times on the same day, and the University Hospital is cleared by the State Council

Before she left on her trip to Benin, a 19-year-old woman received six vaccine injections in one day. Thus she intended to protect herself against “Yellow fever, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, whooping cough, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, meningitis A, C, W135 and Y and typhoid fever.”.

But this was not without consequences for her health, as her condition deteriorated to the point that after four months she was forced to return to her homeland due to illness. “Fibromyalgia” And one “Chronic fatigue syndrome associated with somatoform neurosis”A mental disorder that results in the feigning of illness, consciously or unconsciously.

If this incident dates back to 2012 at the hospital center in Nice, the Council of State has just dismissed this former patient according to information from our colleagues. Nice news.

It requested more than 2 million euros in “compensation”

Due to the deterioration of her health in the months following the administration of all vaccines, the patient decided to refer the matter to the Administrative Court of Nice. It demanded more than 2.6 million euros “In compensation for the harmful consequences that she believes she has suffered due to the vaccines.”.

But his application was rejected in 2021 by the Nice Administrative Court and then in 2022 by the Marseille Administrative Court of Appeal. The patient then appealed to the Council of State as a last resort, demanding €3,500 to cover her legal costs.

According to her, the ruling of the Marseille Administrative Court of Appeal is tainted “legal error”: It shouldn't be “Remove Nice University Hospital error” On the pretext that it is “He had given his consent to receive six vaccines on the same day.”. The young woman considered this in her appeal “Choice of administration of six vaccines” in the same place “It was not consistent with scientific data and revealed the doctor’s lack of care for his patient.”

The State Council rejected his request

But in its ruling of 28 March 2024, which has just been published, the Council of State in turn finds that none of the arguments “Not the kind of person who would allow an appeal to be accepted.” The liability of the National Office for Compensation for Medical Accidents (ONIAM) cannot be involved, depending on the jurisdiction.

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In fact, the Marseille Administrative Court of Appeal ruled that there was no evidence to prove this “The applicant’s fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are undoubtedly attributable.” For injected products, especially since “There are no local complications.” It did not occur at the time of the six injections.