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Brendan Gallagher’s retirement: the page will be turned

Brendan Gallagher’s retirement: the page will be turned

– Brendan Gallagher should prepare for his retirement…

– While rumors are growing that CH will buy him next summer..

– and that it is in no way guaranteed a team’s interest for a contract in the NHL in 2024-2025…

– Ghaly should follow the example of Alex Chiasson…

– Who prepares him for his retirement in a mature and intelligent manner.

“I was 29 years old and had a lot of free time. The Players Association (AJLNH) organized sessions Zoom in to give us advice. Once I logged in and it was about retirement. what do you want to do ? Do you want to get a real estate license? It made a lot of players in the league think. »

“It made me realize that one day my career was going to end and then we had to keep living it. We have a very organized life. Every day, we have training, a match, a trip. And I love having an organized life.”

– Gallagher already has business links with GOOD FOOD…

– He’s connected to the world of golf with TAYLOR MADE…

– For the manufacture of mattresses with JUMP BED …

He won’t go back to school like Kiyasu, but he will have job opportunities.

“When I left in 2012[from Boston University]I closed the books, telling myself I would come back one day to finish. But I should have come back sooner,” Chekason says.

Men didn’t do that much then, but they do it even more now. Now young people see graduates of the NHL, so that they understand that they can return. »

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“When I signed my contract with Dallas after my third year here, I told my parents I’d go back to school and finish my courses. But for us, it’s not just for my degree. We want to settle down here. This summer, it made me want to live in the city again, to go to dinner in the city “.

“So when I decide it’s over, we have a game plan. It’s a little scary. You’ve been living the same life for 11 years, and one day you have to turn the page and accept your new life.”

Gallagher needs to start thinking about it.

Because the page is about to turn.