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NHL Series: The Golden Knights couldn't get into a rhythm in time after 9 turnovers

NHL Series: The Golden Knights couldn't get into a rhythm in time after 9 turnovers

The Stanley Cup Champions' playoff run ended after just one round on Sunday night…but it certainly wasn't for lack of trying.

The Vegas Golden Knights lost by one goal in Game 7 of a close contest against the Dallas Stars, one game at a time.

With the exception of empty-net goals, each match was decided by one goal.

After a good start to the series on Stars ice, the Knights dropped four of the next five results to find themselves on vacation.

Vegas captain Mark Stone, who returned in time for the start of the match after two months of inactivity, did not hide his disappointment when he saw the title defense end so quickly.

“I'm proud of the team. We've faced a lot of adversity. A number of our guys were injured. We still gave ourselves a chance, but it's disappointing. That's the only way I can put it in words: it's “It's disappointing.”

Nine operations

Head coach Bruce Cassidy noted that nine different skaters from his club have had to undergo surgery since October.

“Nine of our 23 players have had surgeries this season. (…) I have to give credit to our guys. They have worked hard to regain their ability, and try to recreate chemistry. “That's what I find unfortunate about the story, but at the end of the day, we needed We scored an additional goal and we did not achieve it,” the coach said.

Cassidy believes some of his players will be “sleepless” due to missing some quality scoring opportunities during this crucial game.

“There was this post [de Jonathan Marchessault] At the end of the first, then an open window was lost [par Jack Eichel] At the end of the second. Then they came back with a quick goal at the beginning of the third period. “That's the story behind this finding,” Cassidy said.

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“We had the opportunity to beat a very good hockey team, and we didn't get the job done,” said the Vegas No. 61, before going on to announce that he “definitely” sees his Knights back in action in 12 months. “

“They say winning becomes addictive, and it is. I live for this. Most of us share that feeling. So it really hurts your soul for a few days.” [d’être éliminé] “, emphasized Stone, who was limited to three goals (no assists) in the playoffs.

Another of the Knights' senior leaders, Alex Pietrangelo, spoke of the need to return with the same motivation next fall.

“I don't think you can approach the season without the expectation of winning it all. I don't think our staff built the team without that expectation. So now we're back to the drawing board,” the veteran defender explained.