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Nick Suzuki does not compete

Nick Suzuki does not compete

Posted today at 8:30 am.

Updated today at 8:30 am.

Just a week ago, I wrote to you how fun it was to rediscover the joy of watching the Canadian… Three more defeats against one victory later, it all has to be done again. CH has no identity. The nightclub crashed one night and crashed for no reason two days later. Stupidly lose matches against winnable opponents. He simply said: All this is wrong!

Mike Hoffman still has four goals in seven games so far. Christian Dvorak maintained an efficiency above 50% in the confrontation circuit and collected four points in 10 matches. These two off-season acquisitions of Marc Bergevin get the job done. Like most players get a GM.

The problem is more with the items that Canadians left.

I struggled to get used to seeing Philip Danault in the black and silver of Kings of Kings on Saturday. His loss seems needlessly adding stress to Nick Suzuki’s shoulders. Whoever finds himself in first place too soon wants to do well but wants too badly. Suzuki has many qualities, including an interest in the jealousy of the imp. He excels in the art of protecting the disc and keeping a contested attack alive in enemy territory. Not this season. In fact, it does not compete.

Coffield and Kaliev

Cole Caufield was constantly looking for Tyler Toffoli in order to pass his record. When fired, it was soft. He had no authority. The nuance between Caufield and Arthur Kaliev’s Kings on Saturday was insane.

However, Kaliev took 33rd place in the second round of the 2019 Amateur Auction; Coffield, ranked 15th overall. I’m not saying that Kaliev will be much better than Koveld. I say that authentic trust is at the highest possible level. Kaliev is overflowing with it, Koveld searched for it in his pills. Accommodation in Laval will be beneficial to him.

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Petri help

Shea Weber’s loss had the most damaging effect on Jeff Petry’s game. The Edmonton Oilers quit on Petrie at the 2015 trade deadline. He found it inconsistent. We can see that he will not be able to take on the role of No. 1 in an imperfect defensive brigade.

Petri like it. Comfortable to the right of the father, but not on the parishioner’s chair. We hope the return of Joel Edmundson Petrie will help him work with more confidence. I’m sure Jake Allen wants it behind you and me. Petrie is a public danger in his territory.

In short, we must arm ourselves with patience. Finding an identity is not easy for a hockey team. The day after the Stanley Cup Final was more difficult than anything you could possibly imagine. If the Canadian were to participate in the knockout race, he would almost certainly not be on the favorites chair. Under the circumstances, if Jeff Molson wanted to leave Mark Bergvin, wouldn’t that be the perfect tonic?