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“Liar”: Remy Girard, Pierre Robitaille and Martin Drainville join the cast

“Liar”: Remy Girard, Pierre Robitaille and Martin Drainville join the cast

Anne-Elisabeth Bussy, Antoine Bertrand and Catherine Chabot will be well supported in the film. liarthe next liar.

Amalga and Les Films du Lac revealed the cast on Monday, which also includes Véronique Le Flagois, Didier Lucien, and Luc Sinai, who reprise their roles, as well as Lamia Ben Hassine, Pascal Derocher, Martin Drainville, Remy Girard, Monica Pilon, and Pierrette. Robitaille and Carl Walcott.

Remy Girard

QMI Photography Agency, Martin Allary

This announcement coincides with the start of filming.

Berit Robitaille

Photo: Patrick Seguin/TVA Pu

“What a joy it is for me to have succeeded in assembling this group of talented actors! They all have an innate talent for comedy, are expressive, able to give lively rhythm to dialogues, and know how to reconcile lightness, while remaining firmly rooted in the drama of situations. To produce a comedy Express like liarI completely depend on their talent. “It's a huge hit,” said Emile Gaudreau, director and co-writer with Eric K. Paulian and Sébastien Ravari: “With their help, I can make sure that the tone is never forced, that they don’t push for comedy, and that they remain natural.”

liarwhich starred Luis-Jose Hood, remained Quebec's biggest box office hit since 2019 with revenues of $6.2 million.

liar It is scheduled to arrive in theaters in the summer of 2025.

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