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In the face of inflation, Britons were forced to change their eating habits

In the face of inflation, Britons were forced to change their eating habits

With our correspondent in the United Kingdom, Laure Van Ruymbeke

In the small port town of Whitehaven, shops are closing one after another. After covid-19, Inflation is what hits people. The cost of rent, electricity bills, and food items are increasing at an alarming rate.

Connor moves out of his apartment to move in with his mother. Henceforth, the 28-year-old auto tycoon focuses on his shopping. He tried everything to save. ” On social media too, you always see people suggesting that they can go to Astha or Home Bargains [supermarchés bon marché ou discount, ndlr], He testifies. I buy a lot from wholesalers. And I noticed that the supermarket prices were the same. It’s not like it used to be that you could walk into Aldi with £100 (about €113) and walk out with six bags. Today, we are going out with two bags. »

Cereals, chocolate or prepared food in peaks

According to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), food labels increased by 19.1% in March. Bread, cereals… chocolate and snacks, ready meals and sauces or hot drinks also recorded a record increase in March, the company noted in its monthly report.

Katharina runs a community center in the slums of the city. Every week, he helps locals shop. ” I helped a woman last week who was in crisis. I asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted sandwiches, which were easy and cheap. she informs. It shocks me that 10 cents, 20 cents are more every time I go to the store. »

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The government promises that inflation will come down sharply by the end of the year. But at Whitehaven, what matters is what is done.

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