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A Moroccan is setting up a fast food outlet in Winchester

A Moroccan is setting up a fast food outlet in Winchester

Deli boxes and sweets. That’s the name of a Moroccan fast food restaurant in Winchester that will be offering online service from Monday 17 April. The actual opening will take place in two or three months. According to manager Tariq Danba’s explanations, the restaurant serves a wide variety of food items. “We will continue to offer fish and chips, wraps, French delicacies, breakfasts, handmade desserts and burgers,” he said. Hampshire Chronicle.

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According to the manager, the deli box and desserts will serve Moroccan dishes. “Let’s make everything new, we’ll do it ourselves. Some dishes have a Moroccan touch. Therefore, French tacos are very popular in Franco-Moroccan and Moroccan. I am from Morocco so we are going to start making Moroccan food. So that is what we are going to do,” he added.

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The Winchester fast food joint is the first of three deli box and dessert restaurants to open in the South. The company plans to open more branches in St-Albans and Portsmouth and become franchisees. “What we’re bringing to Winchester is different. Lots of flavors, all homemade, our own recipes, something different. We’ve got milkshakes, there’s a college around the corner, a train station down the street, we’re going to do coffee, hot drinks, breakfast,” Tariq said. Tanpa continued.