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Xlinks Launches 2nd Public Consultation

Xlinks Launches 2nd Public Consultation

After reappearing in the British government’s new policy paper, the submarine electricity cable project linking Morocco to the United Kingdom has been submitted for a second public consultation to further work on improvements to be made.

British company Xlinks has this week launched a second public comment period in Devon, southwest England, running from Monday 17 April to Wednesday 31 May 2023, on its revolutionary project to connect 3.6 GW of reliable renewable energy. Morocco to UK power grid via undersea power cable.

The Xlinks Renewable Energy Development in Devon is seeking planning permission for 14km of high voltage direct current (HVDC) underground cabling from the Cornborough Range, and an HVDC to high voltage to high voltage (HVAC) converter station site between Camden and Alvertiscod, according to a report published by Britannia. Close to National Grid substation.

After working with National Grid to find the optimal location to connect to the UK Power Grid, Xlinks based their plans on the rural nature of North Devon. All cables will be installed underground and the land will be converted to its previous use. “There will be no permanent surface infrastructure along the route,” says the developer.

Following feedback from the first public consultation, the company is proposing to relocate the transfer station site to the former Webbery Showground. The site is close to an existing National Grid substation and causes less disruption to local residents, especially during construction. Work is underway to ensure the site is less visually intrusive and substantially screened from view.

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From our first day in Devon, we recognized the need for local input to shape our plans, minimize disruption during construction and maximize benefits for the region.“said Nigel Williams, Xlink Project Manager, HVDC Transmission.

He follows: ” We were delighted that our first public exhibitions were so well attended and we have extended our project timeline to take account of the feedback from the local community. As such, we have made key improvements to our project proposals and look forward to discussing them at our second public fair and this second round of public consultation.“.

He says the scheme could make a real difference to the UK’s pursuit of energy security and national decarbonisation targets, adding that the company believes it is equally important to be a good neighbor to the local community and natural environment and explore all opportunities. Contribute to social development and economic growth in Devon.

Let’s remember. Once completed, the Xlinks Morocco-UK submarine power cable interconnector project will be able to meet around 8% of the UK’s annual electricity demand from Moroccan production, therefore providing low-cost electricity to around 7 million UK homes by 2030.