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In Ein Ivanoh: black and white pitfalls

In Ein Ivanoh: black and white pitfalls

Every photographer lives in this moment: attending an event where photographic conditions are difficult. When he then sorted his photos, he found the result disappointing. At this moment a false hope appears in his mind similar to magical thinking: everything can be fixed in post-production. Then he converts his photos to black and white. “It will be dramatic and artistic,” he told himself.


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But be careful: you should keep in mind that removing colors from an image also means removing information.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited the Verden region towards the end of 2023 to find out the extent of the recent floods. Indeed, photographing a head of state surrounded by about fifty members of the media was no easy task.

This is the exercise done by Alexander Körner, of Getty Images. Shortly after making his original images available to Getty's corporate media, he uploaded them a second time, but in black and white.