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In pictures |  4 students leave a dead bull in front of a rival fraternity house

In pictures | 4 students leave a dead bull in front of a rival fraternity house

Four college students in Oklahoma have been arrested and charged with leaving a pit bull carcass outside a rival fraternity house.

Luke Ackerley, Brodie Shelby, Andrew King and Bennett Faddy were charged with illegally handling and disposing of animal remains.

On December 1, the carcass of a longhorn bull was found in front of a farm fraternity at Oklahoma State University. The next day, the university's football team faced the Texas Longhorns.

***Be careful, these images may be disturbing***

Members of the ranch told police they believed the body had been turned over by Alpha Gamma Rho, a rival fraternity.

Furthermore, the animal's stomach was open and the message “F*ck FH” was engraved on its left side.

Investigators observed on surveillance video that three individuals in a white truck pulling a trailer dumped cow remains in the Farmhouse Park, while a fourth accomplice was driving the vehicle.

They were easily able to find the truck, its driver, and the latter's three alleged accomplices.

According to information collected by the police, a solemn party was held the previous day at the farm where the animal lives.

The obituary report revealed that the bull died of natural causes before it was transported.

All four members of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity who were arrested have pleaded not guilty.

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