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How the IPCC report is perceived in Canada and Australia

Every day, the Correspondents’ Club describes how the same current event is being interpreted in two countries.

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Power stations in Australia.  Nov 4, 2021. Illustrated.  (Sayed Khan/AFP)

The Correspondents’ Association returns today to the “final warning” issued by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Experts. The IPCC released the summary of its sixth report on Monday, March 20. It calls on all countries and economic sectors to act faster and stronger in the face of global warming.

Go to Canada and Australia to see how this report is received. The Australian government doesn’t want to even notice it. Yet this new government, unlike its conservative predecessors, is going to take on the fight against global warming. The Canadian government has announced that “Enable Continuity Actions” to reduce “Fossil Fuel Addiction”. But according to associations, words are not really followed by actions.

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