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World Cup – Olympic Midi Info: Pierre-Henri Franken Says “Yes” to Australia!

Pierre-Henri Franken takes part in the World Cup! The Gers technician will no doubt be a mentor to Australia’s Eddie Jones. He will join Neil Hadley in the forward line.

It wouldn’t have taken Pierre-Henry Broncan long to find a job. Less than a month after CO was sacked as manager on February 20, the Gers technician will be back on the pitch with the Australian team, acting as a consultant responsible for the forward game. The Gers technician should join the Wallabies early next week.

His role will take effect from May and will last until the end of Australia’s World Cup adventure. The Frenchman’s mission will be clear: to help the Wallabies become world champions, nothing less!

Pierre-Henri Broncon was contacted by Eddie Jones, who he knew during his stay in Bath, England, when he coached XV de la Rose. The two became very close after this experience. We particularly remember that Jones was on holiday with the French technician on his last trip and on this occasion he attended the CO competition in Montpellier after taking part in the Tournais training week. Five months into the World Cup, Franken was selected to bring his expertise to the Wallabies, who were losing momentum before Jones took over last January.

Eddie Jones impresses his staff for the World Cup, Dan Palmer expects

This weight gain is not the only one being recorded by the Wallabies in recent hours. On Thursday, the Australian coach, already working with Brett Hodgson as a defensive specialist, appointed Neil Hadley as scrum coach. He is a familiar technician since he already occupied the same position in his staff during the 2019 World Cup finals XV de la Rose lost to South Africa in the finals.

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Finally, according to our information, former England international Don Palmer may also join the Australian staff in the near future. So Australia will present themselves in France in September with four coaches. And with many ambitions…