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Why is the pollution rate high in the UK?

Why is the pollution rate high in the UK?

The country’s pollution rate, twelve times higher than France’s, is one of the worst in Europe. As a result, according to the press, all health restrictions were lifted and the decision to vaccinate adolescents was delayed.

Dense news of recent weeks, signing of the Accus Agreement, Petrol Shortage and Brexit Bond “Health is completely gone”. Note, however BBC, The United Kingdom is recording in recent days “One of the highest infection rates” Of the European continent.

Despite encouraging signs in late July, the curve was restored in August before an average of 35,000 cases were established thereafter. On Monday, October 11, health officials detected 40,224 new pollutants, up 15% in a week. “With 534 cases per 100,000 population, the rate is 12 times higher than in France,” he said. Warning Defender. The UK ranks fifth in Europe behind the Baltic countries.

But, how to explain the spread of such a virus “Good vaccine protection, 66% of the population is fully vaccinated” ? In fact, the London daily is outraged, “After a start in the caps of the wheels, the vaccination campaign went without steam, and seven neighbors [membres] Of the European Union “,Including France “Walked” .

These states in particular have been vaccinating 12-15 year olds since June, while London has been waiting for such a decision until the start of the school year. “The epidemic here is mostly triggered by teenagers under the age of 16 who have not yet been able to get their measurements,” he said.Is full BBC. Once adolescents are vaccinated, “Infection curve begins to decline sharply”.


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